Hypoallergenic Dogs (Medium Size) 4 Breeds

Hypoallergenic dogs (medium size) are recommended but have special needs because they are usually smaller in size and have temperaments that may be difficult to handle sometimes. When you first bring your new dog home, you should allow it to roam around to get an idea of its surroundings. If you have other pets, you should put them in another room while the dog is investigating the area. Depending on the breed of dog, they may be terrified at first. They may not enjoy any human contact.

It would be best if you were really careful about handling them, particularly during the first few days they are in your home. Once your new dog becomes comfortable, you should develop a feeding and hair brushing routine that you and your dog will follow. If you have allergies, brushing your dog every day will reduce the number of allergens in the air. This will reduce the allergens on your carpets, furniture, clothing, and walls. Buy a steel comb with wide teeth which will help trap hair and get out any knots that may be in the dog’s fur.

If you have purchased a Mexican Hairless or another breed that does not have hair, you should make sure that its skin is not dry. If you notice flaking, you should visit your vet who will prescribe medication or lotion which you can use. Make sure your hypoallergenic dog gets plenty of exercise as it is essential for their health and also for controlling allergens in your home.

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Preventing Allergies

Walking your dog at least once a day and making sure it sleeps through the night will keep the dog to a routine. Dogs that are awake during the night may want to be with you. Allowing your pet to sleep on the bed could increase the risk of an allergy attack. Your dog should have a specific place to sleep during the night and day. Buying a soft bed or giving the dog an old blanket will help keep them warm and safe when they are sleeping.

It would help if you wash their pet bed often to prevent the transfer of allergens from carpeting or clothing. While you cannot prevent all allergens from getting into your clothing and inside your carpeting, you can reduce them by keeping everything in your home clean.

Dog grooming is also essential when looking after a hypoallergenic dog. Even though the breed which you buy will probably have short hair, you will have to have it professionally groomed every few months. This will maintain the shape and also keeps the hair from becoming too long.

Since hair can grow long and cover the eyes of the dog, and make it difficult for it to keep itself clean, grooming your pet will ensure that it remains healthy and happy. Now, you know more about caring for a hypoallergenic dog. However, although these dogs are a good choice for those with allergies, they may still cause you to have allergy attacks from time to time. Hypoallergenic dogs reduce the risk of attacks, but cannot prevent them from occurring.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic Dogs (Medium Size)

Do you love dogs, but have allergies? If you have a smaller home, a medium-sized hypoallergenic dog might be perfect. Hypoallergenic dogs have a tendency to create fewer allergic reactions because of an absence of fur or a meagre amount compared to most pets. There are a few breeds that fit into the criteria. The Spanish Water Dog, the Bouvier des Flandres, and the Mexican Hairless are all medium-sized, hypoallergenic dogs that work well for families and singles alike.

If big, friendly, shaggy dogs are your thing, the Spanish Water Dog is a good fit. They resemble the sheepdog on the Looney Tunes cartoons from the Warner Brothers. The dogs live for playing, swimming and even working. When acclimated correctly, the Spanish Water Dog is a great playmate for children. If you have a pool or live near an ocean or lake, the Spanish Water Dog lives true to its name. They love swimming.

As for the work aspect, these dogs have natural herding instincts and are excellent guard dogs. They do require a lot of attention, so be ready for that. Exposure is necessary to other dogs or children at the age of two to twelve months if they are to fully accept being around them. Otherwise, they can become aloof or guarded around them.

Hypoallergenic Dog

The Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres also fits into the hypoallergenic shaggy dog category. This solidly built breed is traditional in hard work such as cattle and sheep herding, pulling carts, and police or guard dog work. Along with their strong work abilities, they are generally gentle and protective of their adopted families. Even former United States President, Ronald Reagan, chose this breed for a pet. Their thicker hair makes them great dogs for outdoor work and play in colder climates.

Be ready to take care of the Bouvier des Flandres if one is added to your home. Maintenance on these dogs thick hair (not fur) does require brushing weekly and visits for a trim every six to eight weeks. This dog can be prone to both volvulus and bloat syndromes because of their deep chests. They can also have strong willpower and intimidate animals when they feel strongly about something, especially when going after cats. Proper discipline is a must when owning a Bouvier.

Animal Rescue

The Mexican Hairless, also known as the Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo, is a rare breed of dog. They range in weight anywhere from ten to fifty pounds and are almost always completely devoid of hair; they resemble dogs seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some of the Xolos do sport a very thin coat of hair or have various amounts of hair on their heads or bodies. They have been bred for over 4000 years in Mesoamerica (between central Mexico and Costa Rica). Although not accepted by The Kennel Club, the Mexican equivalent does recognize this breed. They are hard to find in Mexico and even more so in the UK. They were considered next to extinct before the 1950s.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

 Are Portuguese Water Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD) have short hair which does not shed, and they are considered a working dog. This means that it is a breed that needs to stay busy. It is regarded as a hypoallergenic dog. Traditionally, they were used to assist in fishing expeditions. Still, the Portuguese Water Dog is now usually kept as a delightful house pet. This breed is undoubtedly not as common as others. However, if you want a dog that is hypoallergenic, yet lively, and enjoys company, then this breed may well be the one for you.

The Dog Solution

Since the Portuguese Water Dog is not reared as often as some other breeds of hypoallergenic dog, you may have to search for a breeder. Perhaps online, checking newspaper advertisements, or calling breeders in your local area until you find one. Generally a happy dog, the PWD needs to stay busy, or it will get bored. It would be best if you had plenty of fun toys for it to play with. You may want to think about crate training when you are away from home. Your dog will stay in a crate when you go out, so it does not destroy your home. When this breed gets bored or lonely, it will chew on any item it finds.

Hypoallergenic Dog

Training Portuguese Water Dogs

Training should begin immediately when you bring the animal home. By placing a blanket, toys and water into the crate, you will make the dog comfortable while you are away. It would undoubtedly help if you did not use the container if needing to punish the dog or it will definitely not want to go in it when you go out for the day. After training your dog, you will undoubtedly have to continue this routine. This will give the animal structure and will also maintain the safety of your possessions. Keeping the dog secure when you are not at home will also help to reduce any allergens.

Grooming Portuguese Water Dogs

These dogs need to be groomed every two months or so. There are two patterns that most dog groomers follow, known as the retriever cut and the lion cut. The first option means that the hair is cut evenly on the body. The lion cut leaves the front half of the dog’s body covered with hair, while the hair on the back legs is cut shorter. You should take your pet to have his hair groomed professionally if you are not comfortable with cutting it yourself.

Hypoallergenic Dog

If you are considering purchasing one of these dogs, you should be prepared to have constant company. These breeds need to be walked, and they need to be entertained throughout the day. If you need to travel on vacation or for work, you should board the dog, so it will not be lonely. Portuguese Water Dogs typically live between twelve and fifteen years.

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They are easy-going and get along with children and most adults. If you are looking for a breed that does not shed and will fit in with your family, then this dog is for you. While most of them are black, some could be white or occasionally a mix of both. The soft hair is curly or wavy and similar to that of the standard poodle.

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