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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

In this post, you’re going to learn the answer to the question, can dogs eat apples? This guide also contains lots of ideas on how to safely feed apples to your dog. Can Dogs Eat Apples? Yes, many dogs love apples, and they can be a healthy treat. Apples contain calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and …

What to Do If Your Dog is Choking?

This post explains what to do if your dog is choking. This guide also includes precisely how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre. What to Do If Your Dog is Choking? If your dog has a ball or other object, such as apple chunks,  lodged in his windpipe and has trouble breathing, do the Heimlich manoeuvre immediately. …

The Life Cycle of Dogs

The Life Cycle of Dogs

Your dog goes through several stages in its life, and knowing what to expect from each one can lead to a better understanding of its nature. Here we are going to discuss the life cycle of dogs and what to expect in each one. The rate at which your dog ages varies depending on the quality of …

Caring for Your Dog

How to Care for an Elderly Dog: Top 5 Tips

Dogs are social animals which have worked with humans for thousands of years. They have played an essential role in various different cultures. Dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and loyalty, and it is crucial to train and care for them properly.