Best Dog Chew Treats 2020

Animal ears? Are they really something your dog would enjoy? Yes, absolutely, and they are one of my dog’s favourite treats, and I can rest assured they are natural, flavoursome and healthy. They are easily digested and actually help to clean your dog’s teeth. The top brands won’t have any additives, chemicals or hormones, making them entirely safe for your beloved pet. Let’s face it, dogs love to chew, and this is a better idea than discovering your favourite shoes have become a new plaything! Here, I have looked at the best dog chew treats in 2020.

Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog Chews (12 Pack)

This has to be number one on my list, simply because my dog absolutely adores them! I am never without a pack in my cupboard. Best Bully Sticks is a renowned and trustworthy brand and has been in business for over 10 years, with each of their products made from one single ingredient. Everything is sourced from American or South-American cattle, unlike inferior products. A great innovation is that they oven-dry their products to remove all bacteria.

The best value for money is the 12 pack of thick-cut cow ears. They are made from free-range, grass-fed beef of the highest quality and are FDA/USDA approved for peace of mind. One of the best things about them is that they don’t splinter, but smaller pieces may snap off, so do be on the lookout for them. The manufacturer’s recommendation is to start by giving your dog half an ear, as the increase in protein levels may cause an upset stomach.

  • All-natural beef
  • Chemical-free
  • An excellent alternative to rawhide

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Bully Sticks

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Brutus & Barnaby All Natural, Whole Cow Ears for Dogs

The only reason that these are in second place on my list of the best dog chew treats is that they are a less established brand, but I am pretty sure my dog can’t tell the difference. These are also entirely natural, whole cows ears with no added hormones or chemicals. They are slightly cheaper than the Best Bully Sticks for the same size 12 pack. Apparently, they inspect each ear by hand before placing it in the bag. That doesn’t sound like the most exciting job in the world!

Best Dog Animal Ears Treats 2020

They are sourced from South American cattle, and the small print on the packet does say Product of Argentina. They are easy to digest and have never caused any upset to my dog. One claim I would dispute is that they are supposed to freshen the dog’s breath, but I can’t say I ave noticed any improvement in that area. You will be pleased to know that they don’t stain carpets or furniture as your beloved pet is dropping bits all around the house!

  • All-natural
  • Contains no bone
  • Not basted or treated
Cow Ears

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Brazilian Pet 100% Natural Large Size, Over Six Inches, Real Cow

The first thing to be aware of with this Brazilian Pet product is that it comes in a pack of 50. This isn’t ideal if you are not sure your dog will like them. However, if your dog will happily eat anything, then buying this bigger box can save you some money. The box says “eco-friendly product”, but it is unclear as to whether that refers to the packaging being recyclable. The ears are pretty big at over six inches, so may not be suitable for smaller dogs.

As with other brands, there are no additives, chemicals or hormones, and the ears are low in fat and high in protein. The company makes a point in saying that South American cattle are preferable to North American, as they are “fed differently” but don’t go on to clarify what that means exactly. The ears certainly get a lot of positive reviews, with the only negative seeming to be that actually, they can be too big, with a more challenging to chew section at the base of the product.

  • Does not crumble or splinter
  • Hygienically washed and dried
  • Low fat
Brazilian Treats

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Earth Animal No-Hide Salmon Chews (Seven Inches)

Now, some of you may argue that salmon chews have no place in an animal ears list, but I couldn’t resist adding these tasty treats in! Earth Animal is run by a couple called Dr Bob and Susan Goldstein, and they have a beautiful website. Not only do they produce animal chews but also organic herbal remedies. The chews themselves are made from pure wild-caught salmon, and presumably, this is why they are a little bit expensive, as there are only two chews in a pack.

Best Dog Animal Ears Treats 2020

They go a little bit further with their explanation of using no chemicals, specifying they don’t use additives, bleaches or formaldehyde. However, they are not grain-free as they contain brown rice flour, so do be aware of this if your dog has any allergies. They are a little bit flaky so you may wish to confine your dog to one area while he is enjoying them, but you will be pleased to know they don’t have a fishy smell.

  • Two large chews
  • Easily digested
  • Made with wild-caught salmon
Salmon Chews

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“I and love and you” Ear Candy Cow Ear Strips: Grain Free

My final recommendation is from this quirkily named brand, which was first established as an independent pet store in 2010. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength to provide grain-free food for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The pack contains five chews and are described as a holistic dog treat. The packaging is colourful and informative, breaking down the ingredients and even giving a calorie count.

The chews are pretty big but can be cut with scissors if necessary for smaller dogs. Some reviewers have said they thought they had a strange odour, but I never noticed anything, and my dog certainly didn’t turn his nose up at them! Like the other brands, the ears are made from 100% free-range grass-fed cattle and promote dental health. They don’t contain soy, rice, wheat or corn, so are suitable for dogs with a range of allergens.

  • Allergy safe
  • Made from free-range beef
  • Doesn’t stain carpets or furniture
Ear Chews

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Best Dog Chew Treats

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of best dog animal ears treats in 2020. Try some with your furry friend!

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  1. Honestly, I had no idea about animal ear treats until coming across your post here so this information is very helpful and interesting. It’s good to know that top brands do not have any bad ingredients in them. From your choices, I really like the sound of Brutus & Barnaby’s Whole Cow Ears and Earth Animal Salmon Chews especially. Salmon I know is very high in omega 3 fatty acids, so it’s excellent to see that they have made a grain-free product. I know some dog owners who will find this information as valuable as I have, and I will share it with them as well. Thanks for the outstanding recommendations regarding best dog animals ears treats 2020!

    • Hi – thank you for reading my article on the Best Dog Animal Ear Treats. I am pleased you enjoyed my recommendations and thanks for sharing. All the best, Diane 

  2. As a pet owner, I would say this is a very nice and educative write-up too, and it’s so true dogs love chewing. My dog literally chews everything that is near for it to chew. Although I have never used Best Bully Sticks based on your article I think I should surely give it a trial. I hope my dog will love it. 

    • Hi – thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment on the Best Dog Animal Ear Treats. I am sure your dog will love the Best Bully Sticks. All the best, Diane


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