Best Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs 2020

Do you have a very active dog? You know how tiresome it can be to keep throwing balls for your furry friend to fetch. Did you know that you can purchase automatic launchers to do the job for you? I have to say from the outset, that this is an expensive option, and may be better suited to those who are perhaps elderly or have some restricted mobility or movement. However, they are simple to use and provide great fun for all the family. Children, in particular, will enjoy loading up the machine. Read on for the best automatic ball launcher for dogs in 2020.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

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Ball Launcher

The family firm of iFetch, based in Texas, make a range of ball launchers of varying sizes and prices. I am lucky enough to own the largest one, a welcome Christmas gift! This is perfect for me, as I suffer from arthritis in some of my joints. Its very simple to use. As it loads from the top, you can even train your dog to drop the ball in himself! It takes standard size tennis balls (the product includes three) and has three different settings. These depend on how far you want the ball to go: 10, 25 or 40 feet. For more fun, it even has a random setting!

It has a built-in rechargeable battery, which seems to last forever! I haven’t counted, but the manufacturer estimates the number of launches on one charge to be over 300. Apparently, if the balls are wet or dirty, it can affect the performance, so don’t launch them into the nearest river!

Do be aware, it launches the ball immediately when you drop it in, which may startle your dog. However, this is a safety measure to ensure your dog doesn’t get hit at close range. It has won a couple of awards, including first place at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s biggest trade show. Highly recommended as the best automatic ball launcher for dogs!

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Award-winning
  • Suitable for larger dogs

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PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy, Tennis Ball Machine

Ball Launcher

This is made by the company PetSafe who have been in existence since 1991, and are the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products. The first thing to note is that this product is only for dogs over 10lbs, but it doesn’t actually say why, which is a bit odd. It has multiple distance and angle settings; nine for distance and six for the angle. You can determine these by a knob, which you pull and rotate to choose the ideal parameter. It actually has a safety feature, which is a motion detector, meaning it won’t launch if you or your dog are within seven feet of the launcher.

Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers 2020

Interestingly, it has a power cord which would imply it is for use indoors, but this seems somewhat dangerous to me unless you have a huge house! The main power supply is from six D-Cell batteries which are not in the package, but two balls do come with it. An innovative feature is that of it shutting down for 15 minutes following 15 minutes of operation.

This is meant to ensure your dog does not become exhausted, but I personally don’t think this is long enough. No way will my dog tire out after only 15 minutes! This seems to be overall a good product, mainly through having different angle settings, and serves a place on the list of the best automatic ball launcher for dogs!

  • Multiple settings for angle and distance
  • 15-minute shutdown setting
  • Power cord included

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Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Automatic Launcher

Franklin Pet Supply (part of Franklin Sports) are the manufacturers of this smaller automatic ball launcher, which is no less effective than any larger model. At the height of just 14 inches, it is ideal for smaller dogs who have been trained to drop the ball in by themself. It has three separate launch angles of low, medium and high, which have to be set by adjusting the feet of the machine. Again, this one comes with a power cord, but if using outdoors, then it requires eight D size Alkaline batteries which are not included. It can be used with all brands of tennis balls, and one is included.

To set the distance, you have to turn a rotary dial, within a minimum length of 10 feet. It is capable of 40 feet maximum. There is a sound feature for safety purposes, which alerts you as to when the ball is going to be launched. However, it can be turned off if your dog doesn’t like it. The automatic ball launcher has a built-in carry handle which is a nice feature. According to some reviewers, it doesn’t work as well if the ball is wet, which could be a problem if you have a particularly slobbery dog! Looks to be good value for money, as it is cheaper than the larger models.

  • Ideal for smaller dogs
  • Sound feature when the ball is about to launch
  • Built-In carry handle

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iDogmate Dog Ball Launcher, Automatic Rechargeable Machine

Automatic Thrower

For those of you with puppies or smaller dogs, this is the ideal automatic ball launcher, at only seven inches tall. Manufactured by iDogmate, it has to be used with smaller balls (three are included), perfect for a smaller dog’s mouth. The machine has an innovative, patented feature, in that it prevents wet balls from becoming stuck, which can be a problem with other brands. It has four distance settings at 10, 20, 25 and 35 feet, or you can set it to random to surprise your puppy each time!

Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers 2020

The launcher has a large hopper to hold more than one ball and makes it easier for your small dog or puppy to drop the ball in, without missing the target. It is supplied with an AC power adapter or runs on an included Li-ion battery which lasts for up to 250 launches.

Interestingly, the manufacturer does admit that the launch distance will be less if using the batteries, and will continue to decrease as the batteries run down. It does have an auto turn off feature which helps to save power, and has a useful remote control. Recommended for smaller breeds and puppies as a contender for the best automatic ball launcher for dogs!

  • Suitable for puppies
  • Works even when the balls are wet
  • Power saver feature

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All for Paws Interactive Automatic Dog Ball Launcher, Dog Toy

Ball Launcher

This is a mid-size automatic ball launcher, standing at 10 inches, and manufactured by All for Paws. It does seem a little more complicated than other models, with a variety of the number of times you have to click to select the distance and having to use a long press to either switch it on or off. The range can be set at 10, 20 or 30 feet, and it comes with three mini-sized, two-inch balls. It has an AC adapter or can use six C batteries which are not included. Reviewers state it is quite noisy, which may not suit all dogs.

  • Mid-Size machine
  • Three distance settings
  • Balls included

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So, I hope you enjoyed reading about the best automatic ball launcher for dogs in 2020, and find one to suit your furry friend!

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